ellcome to Naredo´s corner.

This page has a dual purpose. On the one hand it has been conceived to combat the current information pollution in Internet regarding my publications and my intellectual journey, as I have found biased, incomplete and even sometimes wrong biographical and bibliographical information in the many pages associated with my name that search engines offer. This page does not aim to advertise myself or my intellectual products further inflating the existing information overdose, but rather to streamline and clarify it, providing reliable information as complete, neat and up to date as possible to compensate for biases and fill the most significant gaps.

On the other hand, this page is a reaction against the quarantine of silence to which my works have been subjected by the established powers (political-economic, academic and media), together with the difficulties of the publishing scene to publicize the existence and provide access to many of them. This page tries to break the quarantine by providing to those interested, first, knowledge of my texts and the various areas that have been working on and, second, how to access them, by downloading them and / or making contact with the dealers. Thus access will be given, as soon as they are scanned and uploaded into the page, to articles published in disappeared journals, texts that encountered problems with the editor and remain unpublished, and books that are out of print, (like Extremadura saqueada (1978)) … and even books that after being printed were never distributed, remaining until today kidnapped in this so-called «information society»(as the book Naredo, J.M. y Parra, F. (eds.) (2000), Economía, ecología y sostenibilidad en la sociedad actual, Madrid, Universidad de Verano de Castilla y León y Siglo XXI de España Editores, with texts of persons so relevant academically as Ramón Margalef and René Passet, among others).

I must also confess that the revival of critical consciousness seen in recent times and the heightened interest that seem to awaken my writings, prompted me to make this page to account for them. I thought it was worth the effort, especially when many were inaccessible or remained overshadowed by the current information pollution. And as it looked to me like shameless advertising to appear managing the page with my name and my picture, so instead of putting my name, I have titled it El rincón de Naredo (ie. Naredo’s Corner) and I have replaced the photo with landscapes that induce meditation and reflective reading. This corner does not either aim to establish dialogue or share intimacies lacking public interest, as I can devote neither the time nor the secretariat needed to manage an interactive page, when I am too busy with activities and relationships that I can not attend as I would like. In short, with this page I tried to offer, quite simply, a list as complete and ordered as possible of my of publications, facilitating access to them, together with a solvent and up to date intellectual autobiography.

José Manuel Naredo